I’m Brianna Quinn Lewis and I’m 19 years of age :)

And here is everything you need to know about me:

  1. I come from a small town in Oregon
  2. I go to AMDA in LA
  3. I have been modeling/ acting since I was 14
  4. I was in a documentary this summer 2013, about Joe Dunbar a fabulous local designer
  5. I was in two short films in LA this year 2013 and I will have the videos to them up soon
  6. I also play guitar, piano, sing, dance, play all kinds of sports, karate, etc.

Here is my resume:

Brianna Quinn Lewis


Documetary on Models                       Brianna Lewis              Talent, OR, 2013

Picture Perfect (short film)                 MoonBeam                  Hollywood, CA, 2013

Daimon (short film)                              Lead                              Hollywood, CA, 2013

Hannah and Her Sisters (student film)      Extra                    Hollywood, CA, 2012

Dead Boy                                                   Devon                          Medford, OR, 2012

The League of Semi-Super Heroes           Carla                         Medford, OR. 2012

Night of the Living Dead                          News Reporter          Medford, OR, 2012

Romeo and Juliet                                       Disco Dancer             Medford, OR. 2012

Relationship Status: Its Complicated         Narrator                 Oregon Stage Works, 2009

Romeo and Juliet                                       Apothecary                 Ashland, OR. 2006

The Little Prince                                        Shared all roles          Oregon Stage Works, 2005

Modeling Experience

Model Workout App on the iPhone, for personal trainer John Hacker, 2011, Ashland, OR

Joe Dunbar Designs, annual fashion shows, 2010- 2013, Talent, OR

Fashion show, senior project, 2010, Medford, OR

Fashion show benefiting Relay for Life, breast cancer awareness, 2010, Medford, OR

IMTA 2009 – Los Angles, Michael Maddox fashion show

Urban Minx print and internet photo shoots, 2009, Ashland, OR

Scott James photo shoot for a Portland fitness magazine, 2009, Portland, OR

Fashion show benefiting Hearts With A Mission, a youth homeless shelter, 2009, Medford, OR

Fashion show raising scholarship money for Kids Unlimited Summer School, 2009, Medford, OR

Joe Dunbar Designs Fashion shoots, 2009-2013, Talent, OR

Training and Development

Education: American Musical of Dramatic Arts, Conservatory Program, 2012-2014, Hollywood, CA

Theater: Oregon Stage Works in Ashland, OR

Camera: Jimmy Garcia, Micheal Ramsey, Bruce Ducat. Todd Patrick

Improvisation:  Tom Christensen, Kadi Muschlin, Tom Greene

Voice: Ken Orsow

Karate: Aaron Ortega

Dance:  Aisha Wand, Gavin Millete

Modeling: Joe Dunbar

Piano/guitar/ukulele: Dave Scoggin, Tish McFadden

Special Skills

Modeling: print and runway

Combat: karate (kata, sparing, and self-defense), stage combat

Improvisation: Kristen Wig impersonation

Music: piano, guitar, ukulele, voice (styles: rock, jazz, and pop)

Athletics: tennis, basketball, baseball, badminton, volleyball

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